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Prestige Car Detailers - Provides high quality as leather seats protection services all across Midland, Claremont, Hillarys, Joondalup, Canning vale, Armadale as well as the rest of perth metropolitan area.

Our leather protection involves shampooing the leather seats in order to keep them clean and hygienic, before applying our signature leather protection layer. This helps keep the leather subtle and in pristine condition.

To safeguard your car’s leather seats, we use the best quality leather protection along with a wide range of cleaning tools.

    • Our leather car seat protection will help prevent stains and spills (whenever it occurs accidentally).
    • Plus, it will also prevent your car leather upholstery from fading or discolouring due to the harsh UV rays
    • Moreover, our leather protection conditioner comprises Vitamin E which helps infuse new life into your leather upholstery seats
    • It helps restore its original appearance while keeping it a dry-to-touch feel
    • Our UV protection conditioner also prevents cracks and other noticeable blemishes caused due to harmful solar rays

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If you notice your original car leather seats drying, ageing, and cracking due to the harsh UV rays(or wear and tear due to regular use), then maybe it is time to restore its authentic shine and charm via our professional and effective leather conditioner treatment.

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