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In search of complete or ultimate car detailing services near you in & across the Perth Metropolitan Area (Perth, W.A)?

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We at Prestige Car Detailers, operating in Midland, Claremont, Hillarys, Joondalup, Canning vale, Armadale as well as the rest of Perth metropolitan area (Perth, WA), Look to present you a fully customized and professional full car detailing service.

Our full detailing package covers both aspects of your Car Exterior & Interior. And no matter the condition of your vehicle; you can trust us to make your vehicle as close to looking like new as humanly possible.

Right from comprehensive car with paint protection, engine cleaning, leather protection, body work repairs and many other car cleaning and sprucing options; We can handle them all!

Please allow a minimum of 3.5 hours for a job well done. Some of the larger vehicles may take up longer depending on how much work is involved.

So what’s included in our standard Full Car Detailing Package….?

Exterior Detailing

    • Removing mould and stains
    • Exterior washing and drying to remove dirt, mud and other present contaminants
    • Cleaning wheels, lug nuts and other exposed metallic components or trims with specialised tools
    • Full car body polishing - (be it by hand or via a machine)
    • Car body waxing to protect from future issues and blemishes
    • Cleaning and polishing remaining exterior surfaces namely - rubber parts, windows and even headlights to achieve a complete exterior makeover

Interior Detailing

At times simply using a vacuum cleaner to spruce and tidy up your interior car cabin isn't good enough to get rid of stinks, stains and other Pecks of dirt, as well as sand and dust from small pockets or difficult to reach Nooks and crannies!

    • Thorough vacuuming
    • Shampooing interior fabric surfaces
    • Detailing leather interiors
    • Cleaning and dressing vinyl and plastic to safeguard it from future problems
    • Cleaning windows inside and out.
    • Applying air-freshener

Engine Bay Cleaning

While it is fair to assume that only those with mechanical knowledge can dare to tread the car's engine, this too requires proper cleaning from time to time. Cleaning your engine bay properly Will resultantly help in being able to detect leaks more easily, as well as help the vehicle run smoothly for a long period of time.

    • Spraying water into the engine bay
    • Degreasing treatment to remove grime from engine components
    • Properly rinsing the engine bay
    • And after drying, dressing rubber and plastic components to avoid cracking

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