Car Paint Protection

A good quality car paint protection in preserving your car in tip-top condition- especially in to Perth's harsh climate.

And if you think that your car paintwork looks marked or faded, then a professional car paint protection is precisely what you need.

Depending on the condition and age of your car, We at Prestige Car Detailers will come down to your location at your chosen date and time and to offer quality mobile car paint protection film to properly encase the car's exterior in a durable, long-lasting outer paint coat.

We deliver our services in - Midland, Claremont, Hillarys, Joondalup, Canning vale, Armadale as well as the rest of perth metropolitan area.

What's more, our car paint protection presents you long-lasting protective coating over the body paint, glass, leather, fabric and even wheels.

There are several layers to car paint protection (much like our car detailing service). And to determine which works best for you, we communicate with you directly beforehand to understand your specific requirements.

Our Quality Car Paint Protection Offers The Following Benefits

    • Safeguards your car from acid rain stains, hard water marks
    • Shields from harsh UV rays damage corrosion and fading paint work
    • Keeps your vehicle looking newer and for longer
    • Reduces the need to frequently polish
    • Boosts the car's re-sale value

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    Optimum Paint Protection Guaranteed

    Prior to picking the appropriate paint protection to aptly protect your costly investment, we speak to you and accordingly design a personalised plan suited your needs and budget.

    My team will speak to you personally to determine specific car protection requirements. And once we have a precise idea of what you want from us we will come down to your location on your chosen date and time to deliver our professional services.

    To get a precise idea of our professional paint protection, Feel Free To Visit Our Gallery Section and see some of our previous done work.

    And if you wish to get started - Request A Service Quote Today!

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